Integrazione Spotty wi-fi e IACBOX

Spotty Wifi + IACBOX new integration

We are pleased to announce the release of our brand new integration with IACBOX, the wifi solution which offers guests secure and convenient internet access.

With this integration, every type of company, hotel and restaurant will be able to manage bandwidth and privacy effortlessly and use the powerful marketing automation tools to send all types of messages to their customers.

We’ve joined forces to deliver a very powerful tool and are excited to see this integration in action for all entrepreneurs around the world.

About IACBOX + Spotty Wifi

Upon arrival at the hotel or restaurant, every guest expects to be able to access the wi-fi quickly and easily.

Entrepeneurs on their side want to have the ability to use customer registration data to send targeted and marketing communications.

IACBOX and Spotty wifi together guarantee both functions and much more: thanks to the integration with hotel softwares (PMS), CRM and other data management systems, it is possible to communicate with the customer/guest at every stage of their experience with the company.

For example, in the case of accommodation facilities, it is possible to start communicating with the guest even before their arrival by using the online check-in feature and during their stay by sending first impression and post-stay surveys to increase feedback and reviews.

Up-selling and cross-selling activities are also possible  through the Welcome Page, to which the guest lands automatically after logging in to the wi-fi or through targeted communications via Whatsapp, E-mail or SMS.

Even after the stay, it will be possible to keep in touch with the customer through your reputation channels.

IACBOX aims at optimizing 4 areas:

  • Ensure quick and easy connection access
  • Manage the variable number of users ensuring stability and equal division of the bandwidth
  • Be compliant with European Privacy and GDPR regulations
  • Be compatible with WLAN hardware from all manufacturers

integrazione iacbox e spotty wifi

Spotty wi-fi + IACBOX to create a complete wifi and marketing solution

How is Spotty wi-fi integrated with IACBOX to make the most of the wi-fi connection?

We have developed an integration that allows IACBOX to feature marketing automation solutions so to offer hoteliers, restaurant owners and companies a complete tool that can support them in the growth and management of their accommodation, venue or business.

Together, Spotty and IACBOX aim to make customer communication and marketing processes more secure, powerful and efficient by eliminating repetitive tasks through automations, so that the staff can focus on customer care and satisfaction.

This will allow customers to connect to the wi-fi in total safety and simplicity, without the frustration of a poorly performing free service, and will also allow companies to improve their communication with the customer, automatically guaranteeing new feedback and reviews.

Do you think the integration of our wi-fi management and marketing services would be useful for your accommodation facility, venue or company?

Contact us, the Spotty wifi and IACBOX teams are at your disposal for a free demo on how to boost your wifi and turn it into a powerful marketing tool that works for you.

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